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MTJ American Military Mattresses are all you need to equip your soldiers and cadets with a mattress that is safe, durable, hygienic, and comfortable. Available in a variety of sizes that will fit most bunk beds commonly found in barracks, you can choose the size that best suits your needs. Don't see the exact match on our website? Contact us and we will make a custom order for your military base or barracks. The nylon covers make it easy to clean and each mattress comes with two densities so that your soldiers can choose between a mattress that is more firm or a mattress that is more supple. We are proud to serve our armed forces by providing quality mattresses that are manufactured here in the United States of America. 





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Border Rod Innerspring Mattress with Tape-Edge Nylon Cover 36x80x8
Dual-Density Foam Military Mattress 36x80
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InnerSpring Military Mattress 36x80x8